Exciting partnership with Henley Festival gives young carers a brighter future

We are proud to be working in partnership with Henley Festival to bring inspiration and vital support to thousands of children who care for their family members.

The generous support of Henley Festival through our three-year partnership will see a minimum of £60,000 provided to support thousands of young carers with much-needed breaks away from caring duties as well as mentoring and other crucial support.

Hidden- acclaimed art installation at Henley Festival 

This year Henley Festival featured a special outdoor installation of Hidden, a ground-breaking exhibition that captures the lives of thousands of young carers as young as seven, up and down the country.

Hidden brings to light some of the powerful stories behind Britain’s 166,000 hidden young carers and how, with the right help, they are dreaming big for their futures. 

two girls talking to each other in front of a grey screen

At the festival, young carers had the the excitement of being part of the magical atmosphere.

About our partnership, Charlotte Geeves, CEO of the Henley Festival, says:

‘This tie up lets festival-goers know that when they come they’ll also be directly helping some of the most disadvantaged children and young people. The power of music and the arts can inspire and help give young carers valuable respite.

'We pride ourselves on supporting local and national charity projects through our grants scheme and are looking forward to working closer with The Children’s Society and the young carers and groups that they support.’

Festival-goers support life-changing work to give young carers a brighter future. Find out more on the Henley Festival website. 

Being a young carer

Understand what it’s like being a young carer by watching Molly's video.

Our work with young carers

We help carers as young as 10, who bravely take adult responsibilities on small shoulders to look after loved ones including sick parents or siblings. Cooking, cleaning and giving medicine are just a few of the activities that can leave them tired and isolated, struggling to socialise and complete school work.

Young carers typically show great courage, resilience and aspiration. However, many go on to experience later difficulties in life such as mental health problems. It can be a real struggle to plan their futures without targeted help and support.

We help young carers by making sure they can have breaks from their responsibilities and by giving young carers a platform to share their experiences and raise awareness about the issues they face.

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