We  work with others and pioneer new ways to reach more children who need help. 

Wherever we work, we value the trust in us by our local authority partners.

Our emphasis on partnership working is reflected in the long-term nature of many of our community-based projects.

We are also currently operating a dual strategy for service provision.

Whilst our core work with the most vulnerable children and families continues through targeted and intensive support services, we are also extending our work with all children in schools and children's centres.


Women talking

Our partner organisations

We also work in partnership with a number of other voluntary organisations and agencies to share experiences and maximise our impact:

  • Henley Festival - this three year partnership will help fund our work with young carers
  • Hampstead Theatre- have promoted our Seriously Awkward campaign through their play Firebird, about child sexual exploitation 
  • Children are Unbeatable! Alliance - campaigns for the UK to satisfy human rights obligations by modernising the law on assault to afford children the same protection as adults
  • Children's Rights Alliance for England - an alliance of voluntary and statutory organisations committed to the full implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • End Child Poverty - works to eradicate child poverty in the United Kingdom
  • Every Disabled Child Matters Campaign - campaigns to get rights and justice for every disabled child
  • Refugee Children's Consortium - works to ensure that the rights of refugee children, whether unaccompanied or with their families, are respected in accordance with the relevant domestic, regional and international standards. The Children’s Society is currently chairing the consortium
  • Special Educational Needs Consortium - set up to protect and promote the interests of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities when there are proposals for changes in legislation, regulations or guidance
  • Standing Committee on Youth Justice - this coalition works to promote the welfare of children who become engaged in the youth justice system and advocates for a child-focused youth justice system that promotes the integration of such children into society and thus serves the best interests of the children themselves and the community at large
  • The Anti Bullying Alliance - aims to reduce bullying and create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn
  • The Council for Disabled Children - works to influence national policy that impacts upon disabled children and children with special educational needs and their families
  • The English Coalition for Young Runaways
  • The National Children's Advocacy Consortium - aims to facilitate the collaboration of organisations in promoting the strategic development of children's rights and advocacy services.