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Supporting young carers

Young carers are children who look after a friend or family member. Their extra responsibilities often mean they miss out on school and hanging out with friends. It can sideline their whole childhood. That's why it's so important to help them to find balance, give them space to enjoy being young, and support them into adulthood, so they can pursue their dreams outside of caring.

What is a young carer? 

A young carer is someone under 18 who cares for another person - picks up mum’s prescription, dresses dad, takes their little sister to school. Life is demanding. But they still have to study for exams, look after themselves, and not lose sight of their dreams.

Different factors can make the situation more complicated, too, such as the cost of living crisis or their family living overseas. A young carer often has to take on these adult responsibilities and worries while they’re still a child.

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Impact of being a young carer

Taking on caring responsibilities can have a negative effect on young people. Our research shows that young carers can feel stressed or anxious, miss school, have limited time to spend with their friends, and feel they have to limit their plans for their own futures.

At the same time, many young carers say it can be positive, too. They might value the closeness they have with the person they care for, and feel resilient through meeting the challenges they have experienced.

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Things are going upwards

Things are going upwards

Molly's been looking after four members of her family since the age of 10. Since being referred to us at 14, she's grown in confidence and had time to pursue her own dreams.

Supporting young carers

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Supporting young carers

Our legendary Young Carers Festival has been giving carers the opportunity to have fun, relax, and meet other carers for the last twenty years. And that’s not all. The festival is also a political platform for young carers to get their voices heard and influence change for others around the country.

During the last festival weekend, we asked young people about their experiences of loneliness and isolation. They shared their stories, told us how they were identified as a young carers, and all of their words fed back to help influence a Government funding scheme.

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Never doubt how much you’re worth Never doubt how much you’re worth

Supporting Young Carers

All young carers should have access to support and advice. There are young carer services all across the country, so that young people with caring responsibilities can get the help and guidance they need in order to thrive.

Our Include nationwide programme for young carers works so young carers don't let their extra responsibilities get in the way of school work or having fun. We make sure they understand their rights and put themselves first every once in a while. 

We also raise awareness of young carers and give them a voice on issues that affect them. They are the experts on their own lives and only they know what needs to change.