Young runaway statistics

Young runaway statistics

Young people all across the country are facing extremely distressing and dangerous scenarios in their home lives. There are a number of young runaway statistics available that detail the scope of the problem – but none of these runaway youth statistics are able to effectively illustrate the horrendous domestic situations that many young people are finding themselves trapped in.

The sad fact is that children are being left with no choice but to run away from home. It’s their only means to escape the day-to-day violence and misery that’s destroying their lives. These children are being forced to live on the streets, where they are extremely vulnerable – often they’re taken advantage of by gangs who exploit them in return for food and shelter. 

It is estimated that at least 100,000 children in the UK run away from home each year, and that is just one of many teenage runaway statistics that make for startling reading.

In order to illustrate the extreme scale of the problem that children today are experiencing, we’ve gathered together some runaway statistics that should make the issues they face more tangible.

By sharing these teenage runway facts with friends, family and colleagues, you can help make more people realise just how serious an issue young people going missing and having to live on the streets is. This increased awareness will help the thousands of young people facing another night alone on the streets to get the help and support they urgently need.  

A child runs away from home or care every five minutes.

Think about what you’ve been doing in the last hour – in that time six young people will have been so desperate to escape their home that they’ve put some clothes into a bag and fled, leaving all but their most precious possessions behind.

One in five young people in the UK have sofa surfed in the past year.

This figure from a Guardian article shows that a huge proportion of young people will experience some kind of issue around going missing or being homelessness at some point in their adolescence. Indeed, the article also reveals that nearly a quarter of a million young people (under 25) in London have stayed somewhere dangerous because they have nowhere to call home.

Fewer than half of young people who run away from home or care receive any meaningful support to prevent or relieve their homelessness.

This statistic comes from research conducted by homelessness charity Centrepoint, and illustrates the massive need for more support services for children who run away. When you remember that over 100,000 young people run away each year, this means that every 12 months 50,000 young people don’t get the support they need.

We want to be there for every vulnerable young person who needs support. We run services to reach these vulnerable children, help them find safe places to stay, and deal with the issues that made them run away in the first place.

No child should feel like they have no choice but to run away and sleep on the streets, but we can stop that situation from happening it is vital that they get the support they need to keep them safe.   

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