Working with children, schools and families to support those who are not performing as well as they can at school

school girls laughing outside 

What are the aims of the Wise2 programme?

The project aims to work with children and families, especially those where a child is not performing as well as they can at school. This could be identified by low attendance, low self-esteem, bullying, not engaging in lessons.

It's important to work with families and school staff to explore home and family life and improve experiences for all involved.

Who is the Wise2 programme for?

We're working will eleven selected primary schools in two areas of Birmingham. Schools were chosen based on exclusion data.

We mainly work with children who are showing signs of additional needs within school. This may include young people who are at risk of exclusion. 

What support does the Wise2 programme provide?

Wise2 offers a range of support, including: 

  • one-to-one support for children including therapeutic and emotional well-being support from our counselling partners
  • group work including self-esteem, healthy relationships, anger management, peer pressure and managing emotions
  • universal plus family support with housing, benefits, emotional, parenting strategies and more
  • professional training for teachers from our partners including emotional coaching and understanding how violence impact on families and communities
  • assemblies exploring emotional well-being