Understanding and supporting the mental health and well-being needs of young Muslims in London

Muslim school student working at a desk

The ‘Resilient Me’ Programme is a unique service designed to aid educational organisations in better recognising, understanding and supporting the mental health and well-being of young Muslims.

What does the Resilient Me programme provide?

This targeted programme will work with three London schools in Newham, Camden and Tower Hamlets. It will develop a “whole-school approach” to mental health and well-being in which all parts of the school community work together to develop a supportive ethos and culture.

This will be tailored to each individual school, but will involve working with parents to raise awareness of the signs that their child is struggling with mental health and what support is available, creating peer led support systems, providing training for staff and delivering workshops or assemblies for students.

Along with drawing on the latest research into child and adolescent mental health, the Resilient me programme will be informed through engagement with external organisations and experts from across the Muslim community to ensure that the programme is culturally competent and faith-sensitive at all times. 

Resilient Me and Covid-19

The Resilient Me team understands that it is currently a very difficult time for all young people because of the current Covid-19 pandemic and that many of these challenges are disproportionately impacting young Muslims.

Because of this, we are using our social medial platforms to provide general and faith-based resources and tools that can be accessed by anyone to support young people’s well-being during the next few months. 

Alongside this general support, we will provide targeted support to our three partner schools including:

  • Producing a “school report” that will benchmark well-being of young people against the national averages and provide the school with insights into any well-being challenges they might face
  • Using this bespoke school data to start working with the organisation around its approach to well-being and mental health
  • Providing access to The Children’s Societies in house counsellors or creating referral pathways to faith sensitive support when students are identified with a mental health need
  • Providing ongoing toolkits, links and resources for organisations to send to, or use with, their students 
  • Running sessions to provide mental health and wellbeing support to students, using organisations’ existing online classrooms 
  • Providing online training for school staff 
  • Delivering online awareness sessions for parents, families and the wider community

Given the lengthy period of time students have been out of school, and the stress and anxiety of living through this unprecedented crisis, we know that schools will want to ensure that the environment children return to is as supportive as possible so that young people’s experiences during this time do not have negative impacts on their mental health and wellbeing in the long term.

The learning and insights gained from the programme will be used to inform policy and practice on what a culturally competent and faith-sensitive approach to wellbeing looks like. 

To find out more, contact: Nalini.Naidoo@childrenssociety.org.uk


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