Supporting young people's emotional resilience through participation work in schools

young people in classroom

My Voice is a six week programme in schools and colleges offering young people a place to explore their views and opinions in a safe and supportive environment.

The programme is designed to improve young people's well-being, resilience and self-reliance.

Who is the My Voice programme for?

The programme is offered to schools and colleges, supporting 11 to 19 year olds who may be at risk of social exclusion, youth offending, going missing from home, in the process of leaving care or considered ‘on the edge of care’. 

The young people we work with may experience socio-cultural, political, economic inequalities and many will suffer from multiple disadvantage.

What does the My Voice programme provide?

The programme offers emotional resilience and well-being group work.

Young people are supported to participate and talk about the issues or challenges that are important to them. These may include: 

'I feel that we have learnt a lot of things about ourselves and life that we were not aware of.' - school pupil in the programme

Contact information

We work with schools in the north east of England. If you'd like more information, please phone 0191 2210 836.