Tower Hamlets Children’s Rights Advocacy Service

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What we do

We are commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to deliver the Children’s Rights Advocacy Service incorporating Advocacy for Looked after Children/ Care Leavers and Disability Advocacy.

Advocacy Service

Our LAC/ Care Leavers Advocacy Service and our Disability Advocacy Service aim to improve the outcomes for looked after young people and care leavers.

 Our Advocates support children and young people to:

  • Have their voices heard
  • Express their views in the decision-making process
  • Understand their rights
  • Make a complaint.

Our Advocates are instructed by the child or young person, to express their views, not ours. The information children and young people share with our advocates is confidential unless they or another person is at risk.

Who can access our Advocacy Services?

We can support a Tower Hamlets young person if they are:

  1. Looked after by Tower Hamlets local authority (LAC/ Care Leavers Advocacy Service)
  2. A Tower Hamlets care leaver (up to age 25) (LAC/ Care Leavers Advocacy Service)
  3. A young person with a disability, who may be verbal or non-verbal, who is either Looked after or a care leaver of Tower Hamlets/assessed as a Child in Need/ has a Child Protection Plan, living in or out of borough (Disability Advocacy Service).

Young people can find out more about advocacy, read about the services we run or get in touch with the team on our Children’s Rights Advocacy Service website

Accessing our LAC/Care Leavers Advocacy Service

If you are a young person, a carer, or a professional, you can call us on 0208 221 8234  to discuss your referral.

Or you can download a referral form and email it to us securely at:

Accessing our Disability Advocacy Service

Referrals for this service come via the Team Manager for Children with Disabilities Team only. If you, or a young person you care for or work with would like to access an Advocate through this service, please contact the Team Manager in Children with Disabilities on 020 7364 2891.

Contact Details

Children’s Rights Advocate (Disability)

Telephone: 0208 221 8223

Mobile: 07714 684 755

LAC / Care Leavers Advocacy Service

Telephone: 0208 221 8234

Children’s Rights Service Manager

Telephone: 020 8221 8208


Advocacy research, tools and reports