We provide a Children's Rights Service for children and young people in Cheshire

Adult talking to young person

Who is this service for?

We provide advocacy for children and young people in care, care leavers, children on child protection plans, disabled children and children and young people seeking asylum who are the responsibility of Cheshire East Local Authority. These children and young people may be in residential care, foster care, or may be placed with members of their own family.

We also provide Independent Visiting for children in care of Cheshire local authority.

What support does this service provide?

  • Advocacy Service empowers children and young people. It enables them to have a say in decisions made about their lives; ensures that their wishes and feelings are taken into account; and assists them to address any concerns or queries they have about the local authority service. The service also offers advocacy for children and young people with disabilities.

  • Independent Visiting Service provides children in care with a trusted adult to visit, advise and befriend them when it is considered to be in their best interests. This trusted adult is a volunteer who will get to know the child or young person by taking them out and doing activities together. The Independent Visiting Service tis targeted at children in foster care and children’s homes, including those placed out of the local authority area.

How to access this service?

Children and young people are generally referred by Social Workers, Foster Carers, Independent Reviewing officers, residential staff or children and young people can self refer to our service by completing the referral form and sending it to cheshirecr@childrenssociety.org.uk.

Useful information

We're here to listen

If you are a young person who is unhappy with our services, please tell us so that we can sort it out. We are here to listen, and take you seriously no matter what the issue is.

This video, produced by young people, shows that it’s ok to complain. You will not get into trouble and you are not making a fuss. It helps us keep you safe and improve how we work.


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