We are funded to deliver services for young people who go missing from home and/or are at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) across Birmingham and Coventry

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Our Streetwise project offers the following services:

Streetwise Birmingham and Coventry

Specialising in working with young people who go missing in Birmingham we deliver:

  • Return interviews
  • Intensive support work with the help of a counsellor (Birmingham only)
  • Work with young people at risk of CSE and going missing
  • Parent support work
  • Street Mates – enabling volunteers to buddy young people to help them talk about their problems and issues
  • Preventative work in schools on going missing and the risks associated with this (e.g. CSE, grooming, online safety and positive relationships (Birmingham only)).

What to do if your child goes missing?

A young person can be classed as missing if their whereabouts are unknown or cannot be confirmed.

If your child is missing or has not returned home when expected – you should check places they could be and check social media. If you are still concerned about your child’s whereabouts you should call the Police on 101, or if you believe them to be in immediate danger call 999. You DO NOT have to wait 24 hours to report your child missing.

When calling the Police they will want to know some basic information about your child including date of birth, height, weight, identifying marks, clothes they were wearing when you last saw them and names of any associates.

For more information please feel free to download our resources:

Advice for parents

Supporting missing young people - top tips for care home staff

Reported Missing? Need someone to talk to? Advice for young people


Birmingham and Coventry offices:

Email: mailto:streetwise_referrals@childrenssociety.org.uk      

Telephone: 0121 212 5599



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