Over the Rainbow and Pot of Gold highlight young people's involvement and accomplishments.

Pot of Gold and Over the Rainbow, two related initiatives, are ways we involve children and young people in influencing budgetary decision-making. Recipients of funding have the opportunity to share their work and show the difference it has made.

We believe that children and young people who work alongside us have a right to have a voice in shaping the services delivered to them and have a role in advocating for changes in systems, policies and structures that affect them.

What is Over the Rainbow?

The annual event which brings together young people from The Children’s Society’s services to celebrate each other’s successes and achievements.

Who are Team Gold?

Team Gold are a group of young people who allocate funding to other groups of children and young people in touch with The Children’s Society’s services. They also organise Over the Rainbow.

What is Pot of Gold?

Pot of Gold is the name of the funding that Team Gold allocates. The money helps young people to make a difference to things that are important to them in their local area or service.

The funding can enable children and young people to learn a new skill or be involved in activities to help them get their voice and ideas heard by adults.

From creating educational videos to spending the day trampolining, find out how this year’s recipients spent their Pot of Gold.

Children and Young People Awards

Each year, these awards are given to individuals and groups of children and young people to acknowledge their exceptional achievements. 

Staff and volunteers within the organisation have nominated children and young people they work with.

The nomination criteria were:

  • Personal achievements - individual that has turned their life around or remained positive and honourable despite difficult circumstances
  • Highlighting issues of concern and taking action in their local community.
  • Contribution to the development of work within The Children’s Society.
  • Taking on a leadership role and being a positive role model.
  • Supporting and helping others including their friends and family members.
  • Groups or individual children & young people that have made a difference.

Two young girls speak to each other at an Over the Rainbow event

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