We help make sure children's voices are heard, and that they have a say in their future

 A young peoples group

Who is this service for?

The Rochdale Children's Rights service is available for children and young people aged 7-24 who have a social worker. Our project first opened as a family centre in 1983, and our work has developed to reflect the local and national needs of children who need advocacy assistance. 

What support does this service provide?

We provide independent advocates to help make sure young people’s voices are heard by their local council and that they have a say in their future. We also provide Independent Visitors (IVs) to young people who are cared for by the council.

IVs are volunteers who are matched with a young person in care and meet up with them every two to four weeks to go out and spend time with them. They might go for a walk, go for a cup of tea and a cake or take part in a local activity. They are completely independent from the child's family, social work team and The Children's Society, and activities are centred around the young person’s interests.

If you would like to become an Independent Visitor, please get in touch.


We worked with the Rochdale Children in Care Council to produce a piece of artwork that represented their views and feelings about being in care with the support of graphic facilitation experts Deadcatdreaming

 Rochdale Children's Rights Listen Up Group Art Work Project

Every part of this piece of work has a meaning and you can find out more if you read our report. You can also view the piece of art at Rochdale Library or at Rochdale Children’s Social Care, Fashion Corner, Drake Street.

The Children in Care Council have also written about their experiences of being in care in a booklet, Our Care Our Experience which you can download.

Helpful contacts for young people

If you are a young person with a social worker, or you work with a young person, who needs help with rights and entitlements, you can contact us or the following agencies:

  • The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) offers first-hand experiences along with information on topics such as health, education, changing placements, keeping in touch, identity and moving towards independence.
  • Become is a charity for children in care and care leavers. Everything they do is designed to improve the day-to-day experience of children and young people in care and leaving care.
  • Coram Voice are a charity which enables and equips children and young people to hold to account the services that are responsible for their care. 

How to access this service

If you would like to access our service please contact the team at any of the contact details below. 

Area Manager: Joanna Hunt

T: 0161 633 5991 

Freephone: 0800 027 4431


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