The Children’s Society in Devon: independent accessible support for children and young people


Area Manager: Richard Kirkup

CheckPoint Torbay provides a range of free and confidential information, advice and support services to children and young people aged 8 – 17. The Programme’s base is in Torquay but services are made available across Torbay. 

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The guiding philosophy of CheckPoint Torbay, based on over 21 years of local experience, is to ensure that young people have immediate and straightforward access to independent help. We aim to promote young people’s safety, health, values, rights and responsibilities in the community so they are encouraged to reach their own decisions and consider their choices in order to achieve their full potential.

One of our most popular and respected services is the Drop-In. This is a street-level access point for young people where no appointment is necessary and information, advice and initial support is readily available.

If you are a young person and would like to find out more about CheckPoint Torbay's support services vist our new website and get the advice you need.

For many young people, additional and more specialist support is required and at CheckPoint Torbay we have developed and grown a number of services to meet these needs. These can be accessed either via the Drop-In, self-referral or with the support of an already involved professional such as doctors, youth workers, social workers and so on.

Currently these additional services are:

  • Counselling: several different types and levels of counselling are available, from informal and short sessions in the Drop-In, to more structured counselling sessions following assessment. Additionally we provide counselling services to some local colleges and academies.
  • The Drop-In service provides confidential Sexual Health information, advice and support.
  • Substance Misuse provides various levels of specialist advice, support and intervention for young people taking substances such as alcohol or drugs, with a view to helping young people reducing their harm and dependency.

All of our services are run by staff that are trained and experienced in both the specialist field in which they work, and in working sensitively and professionally with children and young people. Some of our services are also supported by volunteers, who we seek to recruit, train and support on a regular basis.