Ending child poverty

Around four million children live in poverty in the UK, ruining their well-being and future life chances
When families fall into debt parents often face the impossible choice of keeping their children fed, warm and clothed, or clearing their debt.

What is child poverty?

When a child is brought up in poverty, there are sadly some likely outcomes in their life - such as poor health and poor education.

Child poverty - facts and figures

Currently, 30% of children living in the UK live in poverty.

Read more facts and figures about children and young people living in poverty and the effect it has on their lives.

Our history tackling child poverty

Our organisation was founded to prevent children and young people suffering at the hands of poverty. With around four million children living below the poverty line still today, we look at our history and how we will move forward to help those whose lives are affected by poverty.

What are the effects of child poverty on children?

Child poverty can lead to children missing out on decent meals, sleeping in cold bedrooms and being bullied at school, as well as drastically reducing their future life chances.

Debt Trap: Our campaign to help children and families

Far too often children and families are struggling with the burden of debt, which in turn makes the family's financial problems even harder.

We've campaigned for the Government to recognise the issue that families face, the effect it has on children and have asked them to set up a breathing space, giving families more time to get on top of their debt.