We work one-to-one with child victims of exploitation and on changing systems and contexts that put children at risk of exploitation

Disrupting exploitation young people

What is the Disrupting Exploitation Programme?

We have been awarded funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to develop and run a three-year national Disrupting Exploitation Programme. The programme will run in Greater Manchester, London and Birmingham.

The programme is built on partnership working, and we have created partnership forums in each region, that will guide and shape the delivery of our work.

Each region will have a multi-disciplinary response team, including case workers and intelligence officers. This programme builds on our expertise in building trusting long-term relationships with young people and delivering national and local policy change to affect the lives of millions of young people across the country. The programme will work both directly with young people, and in addition will identify systems change issues and ‘focal points’ in the system where there is the potential to affect longer-term disruptive change.

This could mean working with an at risk peer-group of young people, joining the police on raids to ensure vulnerable children are treated as victims or working with local schools to review their safeguarding procedures around child criminal exploitation.

Who is this service for?

The service is for children and young people who are at risk of exploitation, with a focus on child criminal exploitation. We want to also encourage the partners and professionals in the services to raise issues and have the freedom to approach new ideas and themes to help create system change.

What support does the service provide?

We offer one-to-one case work, group work, contextual safeguarding interventions and systems change work to tackle and disrupt exploitation. In London we also offer therapeutic support for child victims of exploitation. Based on our partnership working we have identified key focal points in the different regions.

  • In Greater Manchester we will initially be focusing on the transition years into secondary school, and starting our work in central Manchester.
  • In Birmingham we’ll be focusing on children who have been identified through the multi-agency partnership as at risk of child criminal exploitation.
  • In London we are working with young people at risk of and victim to exploitation, with a particular focus on sexual, labour and criminal exploitation.  Our London service also provides therapeutic support for young people and parents who have experienced exploitation.  We are currently exploring how to better support young people at the point of arrest, data monitoring for labour exploitation and gathering young people’s insight to better deliver services

Across all three locations we’ll also be working with at risk locations identified by partners including Pupil Referral Units. Over the course of the three years – based on our work with partners – our focus will change and adapt to respond to the needs of young people.

If you would like to make a referral for a young person or a systems change issue please email the area programme you require:

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