Aiming to ensure that all young people have basic digital skills, paving the way to a positive future

Digital Reach is a Nominet Trust funded programme, working across Newcastle, Manchester, Coventry and Birmingham. Digital reach is an innovative pilot providing digital training courses for 500 young people, which will aim to reduce digital exclusion by:

  • improving digital skills
  • increasing online safety 
  • increasing confidence of digital technology.

Who is the service available to?

Our pilot services will be focused on young people aged between 14 and 18, with an option to work with young people aged up to 21, and who are at risk of digital disadvantage.

We want to break the cycle of digital disadvantage for those in the care system; young people who have been exploited; refugees and migrants; those missing from home or care; and people who have experienced domestic violence in their families.

By providing digital skills training as part of a package of support we will help young people reduce the barriers faced by disadvantaged groups including technical skills, confidence, and an awareness of how to be safe online. We want to see young people going on to access employment, education and training opportunities.

Further information