To create a full understanding of children's needs, the Birmingham Commission for Children listened in many ways.

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We, the Birmingham Commission for Children, worked at 16 different early years settings - children’s centres, nurseries - asking the children to take photos of things that made them feel happy, sad and safe

We worked with some groups who are often viewed as too hard to reach. Children and young people newly arrived in the country, those excluded from mainstream education, and some with special educational needs and disabilities. To properly hear the voices of these children we worked with them in small groups over a number of weeks building their trust and getting them to think more carefully about what aspirations they had for their lives and their communities. 

We also worked with children and young people to explore their ideal school 

In Sparkbrook and Longbridge, two areas of the city, we worked in the same way with local children to understand what it is like to grow up in a particular area of the city. These areas are very different but some of the things that children and young people worry about, or want for their futures are often the same. 

Finally, we sent out a survey and received over 700 responses from the young people of Birmingham. The responses covered a huge range of issues like relationships, families, schools, the environment, aspirations and spare time. 


Review our interactive timeline and video to get a good idea of the scope of our work with children and young people. 

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