What we do 

Targeted group work sessions are for young people identified as using drugs and/or alcohol; or who have been identified as being vulnerable or at risk of misusing. 

Sessions aim to: 

  • Enhance young people’s knowledge about the risks of drugs and/or alcohol 
  • Increase awareness of the physical and psychological effects of substance misuse 
  • Consider the impact of substance misuse on relationships, goals and future well-being 

How we do it 

Targeted group work sessions can be tailored towards the young people’s drug of choice as well as being designed for varying levels of learning ability and/or behavioural difficulty. The sessions address the ‘here and now’ as well as exploring coping strategies for the future when the group finishes. There is also the option for young people to continue with EYPDAS on a one to one basis for future support and guidance.


Referrals are accepted from schools and other organisations Essex wide (excluding Southend and Thurrock). We ask that a referral form is completed and that the young person(s) being referred are aware that the referral is being made. You can contact the office for a referral form or find it online at www.eypdas.org.uk 

To make a referral please complete this form.


Contact details 

Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service 

114 Springfield Road 


Essex CM2 6LF 


Phone: 01245 493 311 

Fax: 01245 491 400 

Email: eypdas@childrenssociety.org.uk