What we do 

Community Resolutions (CR) give young people (up to the age of 18) who have been caught with a small amount of cannabis, the option to be referred to CHOICES as an alternative to charge, which would result in a criminal record. This is an innovative piece of work which aims to prevent further escalation of substance misuse and to reduce the risks of involvement in crime. 

How we do it 

We offer young people an individual assessment (within 21 days of the CR) and three subsequent appointments with a CHOICES substance misuse worker (to be undertaken within six weeks of the initial assessment). Young people will have access to the full range of CHOICES services. Where appointments are not kept the Police may chose to retract the agreement and charge the young person for the original offence. Young people may choose to continue to engage with the service on a voluntary basis once the four sessions required by the CR have been completed. 

Our partnerships 

This work is carried out in partnership between Essex Police and CHOICES provided by The Children’s Society Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service and Open Road. 


Referrals are made by Essex Police to CHOICES. 

Contact details 

Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service 

114 Springfield Road 


Essex CM2 6LF 

General enquiries 01245 493 311