We are experts in the issues that young people face

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Our support services enable organisations to fulfil their potential. Working with commissioners, we develop lasting, beneficial relationships, bringing our expertise to your organisation. We are experts in our field and sector leaders and we believe that the more professionals who are upskilled by our staff, the greater our indirect reach will be, ensuring that together we break the cycle of multiple disadvantage for young people.

We can add value to the lives of many more children than our services can reach through this indirect approach. Here are some of the ways we can support you:


Service Design

Over the past few years, we have spent time developing a user-led research and service design methodology, which has enabled us to both design and develop service offers both for our own service delivery, as well as for others. 

We have seen that many organisations are finding that their current service delivery models are not fit for purpose and are not reaching the beneficiaries they would like to support. Models have often become too expensive and resource intensive and lack the flexibility and accessibility for service users.

We can offer an understanding of the problems and the challenges that service users face. Through renowned research and human-centric design methods, we can offer an improved or revised service to match the needs of the beneficiaries. We don’t always know the answer when we start the process, but through spending time understanding the challenge and the problem, we have a much more informed view of the type of solution that might work. A core part of our offer is to consult the people who will be benefitting, putting young people first.

Our success stories so far include a range of clients, including Local Authorities, Police and Crime Commissioners and a Housing Association.


We are experts in the issues that young people face. We have been helping those facing multiple disadvantage for more than 130 years and we have developed training packages based on this knowledge.

We deliver this training across the country to different audiences and they are also available as a digital training package. Our trainers are exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise. We deliver to professionals, staff, children and young people and families on a range of topics, including:

We also can provide specific speakers for running sessions and keynotes at events, conferences and awareness-raising opportunities.

Research and Evaluation

Our research team has conducted a number of studies in different settings for more than 20 years. We have developed a particular expertise in survey methodology, conducting exercises in schools in particular, on a national and a local level, which have explored a range of issues in young people’s lives.

Over the past 10 years, and with a sample of 50,000 children and young people, we have developed expertise around online survey methods. Children and young people have been involved in the creation of the original well-being index and survey through interviews and focus groups, and as such, the feedback on children and young people has already ensured the quality of the survey. In addition to this, we evaluate and monitor the quality of each survey. This culminates in the annual Good Childhood Report.

Survey work has always been a foundation for our extensive research on missing children, which commenced in the 1990s. This included collaborative work with Local Authorities to focus on a cluster of their schools, but also organising exercises to survey secondary schools across the UK. Our most prominent research work is the well-being consultations that we have delivered across the country in a number of local authority areas and within schools.

Our evidence and impact team is skilled in evidence research and evaluation and have been commissioned out to deliver both impact and performance evaluation.

You can commission us to conduct:

  • Research
  • Well-being consultation
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Evidence Advice
  • Theory of Change design
  • Impact frameworks


Youth Engagement

We have a long track record of investing in ensuring young people have a voice and influence. Our work with young people is underpinned by the following rules of engagement:

  • Choice: Children and young people should be able to choose whether to engage with us or not and for their choice to be made in an informed way
  • Control: Exercising choice allows a degree of control and children and young people should feel that they have some control and be able to make decisions
  • Personal benefit: There should be some gain that the child or young person can identify and appreciate
  • Improvement: Things should not be worse as a result of the engagement and it should contribute to improvements for the individual child.

We will offer the opportunity for children and young people to participate in user-led research and design. We would like children and young people to decide exactly what they want to focus their time, skill and expertise on. They would identify differences they want to make, recommendations, and develop their own ideas in collaboration with the commissioner.