Let's work together to help young carers reach their full potential and overcome negative impacts upon their well-being, education and future life chances.

Young carers

We work directly with carers, including our annual Young Carers Festival, Money Matters financial capability training and initiatives targeting schools and armed forces families.

We also develop toolkits and programmes for professionals to support them in recognising, engaging and supporting young carers and their families.

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We can work together to support young carers

Young people sitting on a bench

'I literally do everything on my own.' – Samayya, age 16

Nearly 15,000 children

up to the age of 17 are providing more than 50 hours of care every week.

Up to 1,800 young carers

attend our Young Carers Festival every year.

‘My mum’s disabled

and for most of last year and this year she’s been in hospital so I didn’t get that much school attendance.' – Bobby, 9