Children and young people who grow up surrounded by substance misuse need our help to build their own lives away from addiction.

Helping children in families with substance and alcohol misuse

We’re leading the way in developing programmes to identify and support children living in families where parents are affected by drugs or alcohol. We offer children and young people one-to-one counselling, advice and targeted group work.

We’re also a hub of information, guidance and resources on parental drug and alcohol misuse, and the impact on children and families.

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We can work together to reach more children and young people affected by alcohol and substance misuse.

A boy in an urban environment

It felt really good when I could talk to people because I felt like a bottle ready to explode and I didn’t want that to happen.’ – Boy in our stars programme

In 2017/18

85% of young people working with our services in the South were able to reduce or cease their substance misuse.

EYPDAS has basically taken me off the streets

– away from all the criminals, drug users and abusers and given me time to reflect on what I have done in my life and what I want in life. And that is to help other young people. Read about EYPDAS.

Our substance misuse services

work in groups and one-to-one to offer harm reduction, relapse prevention, sexual health services, needle and syringe exchange and structured recovery programmes.

Help me understand

A booklet to help children, young people and workers talk about an adult’s alcohol and drug treatment

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