Let's work together to help young people who have gone missing from home or care.

Missing from home

Our missing from home services help children and young people who may be at risk of harm. Where possible we look to carry out return home interviews so that children can be in a safe environment.


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Let's talk

We can work together to help children and young people who are missing from home and could be at harm


'Things are much better now'

'The Children’s Society and my project worker have been fantastic. Things are much better now' - Sophie, a missing from home service user.

Young people in Manchester

are being forced to run away from home or care. This puts them at risk of harm and can have a damaging effect on their mental health. Our Manchester missing service is there for these young people.

Three quarters of the young people

who worked with us stopped or reduced their missing episodes.

In 2017, 74% of young people

using our missing services said they felt safer afterwards.

Making Connections

Read our report about how local agencies can keep children and young people safe: Making connections