We can work together to make sure that young people are not exploited and groomed to carry out criminal activity. We have experience of working with the police to intercept vulnerable children and make sure they are not treated as criminals.

County lines, criminal exploitation and trafficking

We run services across the country that help young people who are being exploited, or are at risk of being exploited, by gangs and organised crime networks.

We listen to young people, giving them a safe space where they can talk without being judged. We help them to understand what’s happened to them, giving them advice and guidance, and exploring their plans for the future.

We work closely with the police and children’s social services to make sure young people are recognised as vulnerable and given the support they need.

We also run training and awareness-raising workshops and offer guidance to professionals and parents.

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We can work together to stop criminal exploitation and trafficking

Hudu and her caseworker

Unable to return home because of abuse, Huda found herself on the streets. It wasn't long before she fell victim to 'county lines', forced to pack and carry drugs and live in horrific conditions. We supported Huda to break free from the perpetrators and recover from her traumatic experiences.

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At least 46,000 children in England are involved in gang activity

– Estimate by The Children’s Commissioner

In 2017/18

our CSE/A and criminal exploitation prevention programme worked with 10 regional police forces and reached 18,615 young people directly.

An estimated 4,000 teenagers in London alone

are being exploited through child criminal exploitation, or 'county lines'.