Maddie's story

A child goes missing or runs away every five minutes in the UK.

Right now, there are children who feel like they have no option but to run away. These children face serious risk of sexual exploitation and abuse on the streets. 

At 15 years old, Maddie was suffering violence at home and so started going missingAlone on the streets, frightened and too scared to go home, Maddie spent Christmas Day feeling like no one cared.

Only when she met one of our project workers did Maddie begin to rediscover her hope.  


'I was in a lot of dodgy situations'

Maddie ran away to escape the violence she experienced at home. She went to social services for support but she was turned away, so she started sleeping on the streets. 

'I was too young to get scared'. 

Alone and frightened, Maddie met people who took advantage of her vulnerability and quickly became a target for grooming and sexual exploitation.

'If someone had attacked me, there would have been nothing I could have done.'

Christmas is broken, but their spirits don't have to be

Thanks to supporters like you, we were there for Maddie when she needed help. Maddie saw one of our leaflets and got in touch with her local service.

Our project worker Alison helped Maddie off the streets and give her specialist counselling for her trauma. With Alison's support, Maddie rediscovered her confidence and hope for the future.

She went back to school and is now a social worker who helps children experiencing the same issues she went through.

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