Alice's story

‘If I could describe in one word how I feel about the future it would be optimistic’

Alice was six years old when her father sexually abused her. At 16 she was groomed and sexually exploited by a group of men. These experiences left her traumatised and struggling to cope.

Now, with help from a project worker at The Children’s Society, Alice is overcoming her awful experiences.

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Help through the hardest moments

Since she was young, Alice’s biggest love has been music. She loves to sing, write songs and play the guitar.

Music has helped her through the hardest moments and she is now passionate about helping others. Her hope is that her music can be a support for them.

Alice’s passion for helping others stems from the challenges she has faced herself. Sexually abused by her father from a young age, she felt unable to talk about what had happened for six years.

From abused to exploited

When she did finally speak about the abuse, Alice was given support, yet the abuse left a huge impact on Alice’s well-being and her relationships with those around her.

Experiencing abuse left Alice vulnerable to exploitation, and when she was 16 she was groomed and exploited by a group of older men.

Alice couldn’t see a way out of her suffering. She began to harm herself and even attempted suicide

Rebuilding confidence and recovering

Social services referred Alice to The Children’s Society where she met Suzanne, one of our project workers.

Suzanne began to work one-to-one with Alice to help her understand the signs and dangers of child sexual exploitation.

She helped Alice to rebuild her confidence and self-worth and, slowly, Alice began to recover from the trauma she suffered.

‘I’m really thankful to have Suzanne. I don't think I would be at this point if I hadn't had all of the support from her’

A stable presence

For a child who has been exploited from a young age, building a trusting relationship with an adult can be hard. But Suzanne made sure that she was a stable presence in Alice’s life, and Alice began to realise that Suzanne would always be there whenever she needed her.

Now 18, Alice is on the way to rebuilding her life and is excited about what the future holds for her. She recently signed a recording contract, and the first person she called to tell about it was Suzanne.

‘I am in a very good place’

In England and Wales a child like Alice is abused every eight minutes.*

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*FOI data obtained by the NSPCC between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017. This figure is likely an underestimate as it only represents the number of crimes reported to the police – yet we know that many children and young people do not report sexual offenses made against them.