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The upside down smiley emoji

Lockdown has turned young lives upside down. But despite so much uncertainty, children across the country are finding ways to continue with their lives and stay positive. We caught up with a group of teenagers as they share how lockdown has got them feeling. 



lockdown feelings

My whole world has been turned upside down

young people's emojis in lockdown

Upside down smiley

What better emoji than the upside smiley face to describe confusing times? It's been a really tough year, especially for young people who had exams cancelled and colleges closed. It's hard to know what to feel when all these challenges are new and inescapable. 

It's a different kind of happiness, a different kind of sadness

lockdown zooms

young people on zoom

Staying positive

Despite the disruption, loneliness and uncertainty of lockdown, young people are determined to stay positive.

We hear stories from our services about young people who have just started living independently after being in care. Instead of getting down about all the news reports and sudden isolation, they're getting into cooking and other positive activities. 

I’ve started doing home workouts for exercise and I’ve tried cooking and trying new foods

Lend a hand this Christmas

For others it's just the simple things.

I'm really enjoying doing school work in my pyjamas!

Against all odds, young people are staying optimistic. More than once, they've told us that they're not going to take things for granted. They're going to start valuing what they have. It's amazing to see how they pick themselves up in a crisis. 

However, some need a bit more help than others. For children whose lives are overshadowed by abuse, neglect and exploitation, hope is a little harder to find. We're stepping up the fight for the happiness of young people. 

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Donate today

The pandemic has left many young people isolated and alone. 

But we help them find the strength to overcome their difficulties. We let them know we're thinking of them. Whether it's a phone call, a gift, or just a text to check how they are.

Together we can fix this. It's time to start the fight back for young people. Join us as we fight for their hope, their ambitions, and their whole generation.