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Reasons to be hopeful

It's been an incredibly tough time for young people. Especially those who were already coping with challenges before Covid-19 hit. Despite this, groups of young people we work with kept fighting for the hopes and happiness of others.

Here's a look at how they put their energy and creativity into positive projects for mental health, refugees and young people with disabilities. 


Essex Participation group

Mental health matters

The Essex Participation Group is made up of like-minded young people aged 14-19 who want to get people talking about mental health.

They've all been in situations that have troubled them. Now they want to make a difference and be a voice for young people going through the same.

This year they created a guide to raise awareness of young people's mental health, encourage others to be open about it, and help parents get a better understanding of their child's well-being and mental health.

young girls riding a train with awards

guide to mental health

Within Inside the Mind: A Guide for Young Mental Health are first hand accounts of social anxiety, colouring activities, handwritten quotes, advice to parents in how to support young people's mental health, an A-Z of self care and more. 

you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it

The ST4R group

Young children spraying grafitti on a wall

Standing up for refugees

The ST4R Group are a group of bold young refugees and asylum seekers. They first met in 2019 to discuss their own experiences since coming to the UK. They soon realised they all had very different stories to tell and wanted to find out if other young refugees had too.

So they asked other young refugees about the problems they've had and their ideas for change. 

young refugees voice to be heard

Although everyone’s experience was different, they found some clear overlap on topics of mental health, housing, knowing your rights, language, education and careers. They are now calling on the Government to provide better housing for young refugees.

This group of determined individuals are showing the country that they can and will make their voices heard and that age is not a barrier.

We want young refugees' voices and ideas to be heard

The Dove Group

young girl in wheelchair smiling

Accessible fun

Another amazing group making the world a better place is DOVES, a group of young people with learning or physical disabilities who are all about having fun and helping others.

The group meet regularly to do social activities like bowling, film nights, games nights. 

We want to help make Torbay a fun place for disabled young people to live


This year, they developed a short film highlighting the impact of youth isolation on young people's well-being. The group launched their film at a local events with the hope that it'll encourage decision makers to 'do something about it'.

I’m really glad to talk about things like this, because I can help other people and myself

Fighting for hope

These groups fight for change because they want to make other young people's lives better. Even when up against life's toughest challenges, they have shown we can all still make a difference.

Their drive and determination inspires us to work with more young people, restore their hope and help them find happiness.