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Picking the positives from a pandemic

Children and young people have had to put up with a lot this past year. Not seeing friends. Studying at home. Uncertainty over exams. It has been tough. Despite the challenges, many have come away from it with a positive outlook – they are more confident in who they are and what they want. Now, they're looking to the future.


Positive about lockdown

boy smiles at camera with stone wall behind him

On the bright side of lockdown

For all that the pandemic threw at them, young people have been impressively resilient. Our Good Childhood Report found that most 10-17 year olds have recovered well since restrictions were lifted. Many learnt to appreciate life more. 

Helya feels optimistic: ‘The pandemic taught me that life is not very long. I have to fight for my desires and hopes. I must enjoy moments of my life and being with people who I love.’ 

Optimism for the future

Laura acknowledged that times have been hard but she too remains hopeful for her future. 

‘There has been a lot to deal with. I think people have even less trust in the government…but personally, I feel optimistic about my future. I am now studying towards hopefully my end career.’

I feel optimistic about my future

girl with big smile on swing looking at camera

The Good Childhood Report

Our Good Childhood Report 2021 shows that modern life continues to erode the happiness of young people. Worried about school, friendships and how they look, this has become the norm for children. 

human beings painting

Painting hope

The pandemic has given many young people an opportunity to reflect. A chance to take stock and realise what is most important. Helya created this beautiful painting to represent the unity she hopes to see around the world in the future. Here she shared with us the meaning of the painting. 

‘I chose pink for the background because it means unconditional love, peace and tranquility.

young person painting of people standing arm in arm looking at world

human beings

'I wish all human beings on earth would love each other unconditionally.

I included women with men because I believe we all equal in society and have no privilege or superiority over each other. I drew people from all races because I believe that no ethnicity, race or language is superior either.

I painted the earth because it is our home, regardless of our differences. I believe all human beings are our family.'

This is the future that I am looking forward to, where happiness is boundless.