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Creating change: our campaign wins

With the pandemic taking the world by storm, 2020 was a tough year for most. But that didn't stop us campaigning alongside young people to help them overcome some of their toughest challenges yet. 

We had some impressive wins to celebrate too. Here are a few we hope will brighten your day.


Strengthening the Safety Net

A family hugging each other happily

Crisis support for families

For some families, a huge gas bill or broken washing machine can push their finances to the limit. Lockdown has increased the chances of these unexpected payments, and has also meant many have lost their jobs. That is why it is so important for councils to make sure families have access to emergency support in times of crisis.

Heating and food

Our campaign to strengthen the safety net aims to do just this. And thanks to your support we made a real difference to countless families across the country. After thousands of you took action we were able to secure an additional funding of £233 million from the government to help councils deliver this important support.

This means that more parents hit by unexpected crisis now will have somewhere to turn to ensure they can still provide for their children. We are one step closer to making sure this does not happen to any family.

Cutting the cost of school uniforms

Parents with children in state schools spend over £330 per year on school uniforms for each child. This is too much. It's more than three times what the majority of parents think is reasonable for primary and secondary uniform.

Many families can't afford it and have no choice but to send their child to school in cheaper alternatives. This can lead to bullying and exclusion. We estimate that nearly half a million children have been sent home from school because the costs meant they were wearing incorrect uniform. However, this looks set to change!

School Uniforms

In 2020 supporters took part in a survey that helped us gather first-hand evidence of this issue and made sure that every MP in the country was aware of the issue. 

The results of this survey and an online petition played a huge part in persuading MPs to attend the parliamentary debate on a Bill that would cut uniform costs. And what's more, the bill passed that stage unanimously with support from the Government. We now look forward to continuing to support this Bill as it progresses into 2021.

A group of children in school uniform walking down a school corridor

Legal guardians for unaccompanied young people

Our youth-led campaign for all children arriving in the UK alone to get a legal guardian built strong momentum in 2020. The group of young people, all with lived experience of the UK asylum system, met with the Home Office and launched a petition to support the campaign. Since launch, over 16,000 of you have taken action.

In Refugee Week, the group released a documentary filmed on their trip to Scotland to find out more about the guardianship scheme there. Reflecting on the year, one of the members of the group said. 

I built my confidence. I can speak up for myself. Before I was shy and not involved with campaigning or doing many things.

One member of the group, Musa Nela, secured a grant for the campaign from the Change the World Fund. This is an amazing achievement and we look forward to supporting Musa and the rest of the group in 2021. 

young girl protesting with her fist in the air

Campaign for change

We campaign alongside young people so they can overcome the toughest challenges of modern life and face their futures with hope and confidence.

Find out how you can join us in speaking up for children's rights and make sure you never miss a chance to lend your support.