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Celebrating five award-winning young people

We work with some amazing young people. Many of them have been through difficult times of their own. They have the power to change the world. And this is exactly what the Diana Awards sets out to highlight. Here are five of the award-winning young people who went the extra mile to help others.


Winta, youth change maker 

Winta is part of one of our refugee participation groups, Stand Together for Refugees (ST4R). She is passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of other young refugees. 

Not only is she trying to adapt to life in a new country but she is also helping others through that process too. Using her lived experience, she has been able to advise those working with young people to give the best support possible. She has been instrumental in spreading awareness of the needs of young migrants by speaking on webinars and on podcasts.

Winta encourages others in the group to speak who may be shy or uncomfortable. Her patience and understanding shines through to make it comfortable for others.


Musa, youth campaigner 

Musa is an inspirational young man. For the past few years he has worked with the Youth Led Commission for Separated Children (YLCSC) campaigning for all children who arrive in the UK alone to get a legal guardian. He has raised awareness of the importance of guardians by sharing his story.

Musa brings passion, charisma and drive to the Commission’s work

Despite studying for a law degree, Musa prioritises the campaign for legal guardians. He is driven, passionate, committed - a true leader. 

Young man wearing a shirt and tie folds his arms and stairs at the camera

Elsa, youth change maker

Elsa was one of the original members of ST4R group. Because of the challenges and struggles she has faced, she is determined to make things better for unaccompanied asylum seekers arriving in the UK. 

Elsa has improved her English quickly and she now has the confidence to attend events to promote the group and their goals. Her inspiring work has gained her recognition with the Youth Parliament and the Care Leavers Council. In fact, local councillors and MPs have been in touch to express their support for the group after seeing Elsa speak. 

Her determination to achieve the goals she has despite the obstacles she comes up against in society as a young refugee is inspiring


Muriel supporting young refugees in the UK

Linh, youth change maker

Linh, also part of the original ST4R group, is committed and outspoken. She is passionate about what they teach young people in schools, the environment, and the asylum system. 

Linh played a big part in in designing a survey to find out the views of other young people who have experience with the UK asylum system. She also helped design a mural in solidarity of refugees. It was painted on a wall on the canal in Leeds.

She has a strong sense of justice and brings a fresh and new perspective on the things that matter to young people. 

Taha, youth campaigner

Taha works alongside Musa on the campaign for legal guardians. He wants young people to have a legal guardian because he wants to improve the complex and traumatic asylum and immigration process. He is fighting to make things easier so these young people can focus on education and enjoying their lives. 

If my work can help young people make their life easier, that will be  good.