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Families at the food bank

Over the past year, we have seen first-hand why local welfare schemes are so important for families. For many, they are a lifeline. The Government has supported council schemes through lockdown. But this funding has always come with a deadline.

Churches and community groups are still handing out food and helping those in need. The Holy Trinity Church in Wrockwardine Wood shows us what proper support means to so many people.



Man brings out food delivery

Free means free

When people came to the Foodshare for the first time, most were quiet and reserved. Many felt overwhelmed when they realised the food was free and nothing was expected in return. It was difficult for them to ask.  

People who had previously never been out of work were now in a position so alien to them. It was incredibly difficult. Food poverty was suddenly real for so many people.  

We tried to be open, talk to each person. No judgement. Over time, many came out of their shells and enjoyed the few minutes of chat at the beginning of the day.

Lending a hand

There were so many just above the limit for lunch vouchers provided by the government. There were children who didn’t qualify for free school meals but had parents on furlough. These families were on reduced income but still had to pay all the bills and struggled to afford food. 

We normally do a harvest collection in church for donations to the food bank, but this year local schools also got involved and collected on our behalf.

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Funding local crisis support

Council-run emergency support provides a local safety net to families who reach crisis point. But there are no long-term plans to fund this vital lifeline. 

We're campaigning to get councils the funding they need to help support families in crisis.

quote slice

We collected enough food to make 150 three day food parcels containing everything from soups to something sweet. It was good to be able to offer these to those who came in, to help out those few times when money was short. 

The response was phenomenal

More help needed

This past year has pushed many to their limit. Churches are doing all they can to support their communities. The work they do is inspiring. It is tireless. But they can’t do it alone. As the need for support continues to grow in communities across the country, how can they be expected to support everyone in need? 

We need the government to step in and provide long-term funding for local crisis support. Sign the petition calling on government to provide long-term funding and strengthen the safety net for struggling families

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Sign our petition

Strengthen the safety net for struggling families. 

Call on the government to maintain funding for local crisis support for the long-term.