Richard Crellin, Policy Manager

Richard Crellin
I manage The Children's Society's policy work on poverty and inequality. In this work we try to understand why so many of the young people we support come from low-income families and how, by improving their financial situation we could make them happier, safer and more able to thrive. The other major focus of my work is on the welfare and rights of refugee and migrant children in the UK. Many have experienced significant trauma and they often struggle to access support and services as they rebuild their lives in this country.
Mental health support for young people is failing

New mental health statistics raise concern over support for young people

This mental health week, we look at the shocking mental health stats that were released by the NHS, the first stats since 2004

4 Feb 2019
NHS plan childrens mental health services

The NHS' ten year plan and children's mental health services

Yesterday the NHS published its ten year plan which outlines important changes to our health service. Central to this plan are changes to children's mental health services.

8 Jan 2019
Teenage girl leaning against wall looking sad and disheveled

Protecting children from sexual exploitation is everyone’s business

In a blog for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness Day, policy officer Richard Crellin considers why it is important that everyone understands how children can be better protected from child sexual exploitation

16 Mar 2018
refugee solidarity march

Our history with child refugees

A look back at our work with child refugees from 1939 to present day

19 Dec 2016

The Chancellor’s first Autumn Statement should set a new direction

Laying out a new direction for the economy is going to be extremely tough for the Chancellor. In turbulent times we urge the Chancellor to focus on the lives of our poorest children and young people and do everything he can to help them thrive.

21 Nov 2016
Two young people

Missing children – are some more important than others?

A report published today reveals that some children who go missing are put at risk by how their case is investigated by the police.

25 May 2016