Dr Paula Gooder, Freelance writer and lecturer in Biblical Studies

Dr Paula Gooder
Paula is Canon Theologian of Birmingham and Guildford Cathedrals, Lay Canon at Salisbury Cathedral, Visiting lecturer at King's College, London, Associate lecturer at St Mellitus College, London, and Theological Adviser to the Bible Society. She is a Reader in the Church of England and a member of General Synod and Theologian in Residence at the Bible Society.
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The purpose of Lent is not Lent

Paula Gooder shares why she has reached this conclusion, and how it can help you to prepare us to celebrate at Easter the overwhelming love of God for all of us.

22 Jan 2016
four lighted candles

Shining the justice of God

How are we called to shine the light and warmth of the justice of God?

7 Dec 2012
Several burning candles

Advent: A time to wait

Advent challenges us to wait, and wait well. We resist quick-fix answers as we consider the slow movement towards the fulfilment of God’s salvation.

5 Dec 2012
A lit candle against a black background

The struggle between light and darkness

Candles symbolise the struggle between light and darkness, reminding us that as followers of Jesus we are called to be lights, shining in the darkness

4 Dec 2012
four lighted candles that are part of an Advent wreath

Looking backwards and forwards

Advent readings invite us to look backwards and forwards in many ways, Paula Gooder writes.

3 Dec 2012
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Our Advent blog

The season of Advent is both counter-cultural and challenging. We introduce our Advent blog with a prayer by Paula Gooder and a reflection of the season

2 Dec 2012