Nigel Varndell, Director of Church Partnerships

Nigel Varndell
Nigel leads our Church Partnerships team and manages relationships with churches. He is a busy man. He has lunch with important people and uses ice cream and cake as important team-building strategies.

BenevoLent: Hope wins

Fantastic resources to engage your church in praying, giving and acting for vulnerable young people this Lent are now available.

BenevoLent has ended this year but you can still support our work - find out how today.


27 Mar 2015
boy leaning against a fence

The challenge of forgiveness

In the end, a legalistic response to young people who do us harm will always be inadequate.

20 Dec 2012
young girl looking through window

Righteousness and equity

The characterisation of people living in poverty as lazy is deeply unbiblical.

19 Dec 2012
young girl looking through school gates

Change is hard

How willing are we to make changes that affect the core of our lives?

18 Dec 2012
Three lit candles against a black background

Crying out for justice

The third week of Advent focuses on John the Baptist, whose message of repentance may be as hard for us to hear today as it was for his first listeners.

16 Dec 2012
Nigel Varndell standing at the peak of a mountain in Scotland

'Yes, I’ll climb Mount Kilimanjaro on my honeymoon'

Nigel Varndell, our Director of Church Partnerships, will spend his honeymoon climbing Kilimanjaro and raising funds for our work - please support his efforts

25 Sep 2012