Nicole Fassihi, National Campaigns Manager

Young refugee asylum interview worried

Refugee Week 2019: Do you know the facts about the 'refugee crisis'?

Everyone has heard of the 'refugee crisis', but few people know the facts behind the headlines. Take our quiz and challenge yourself to find out more about the experience of young refugees and what you can do to help them.

17 Jun 2019
Boy surrounded by words

Life Events: How any family can fall into debt

Unexpected life events can lead families to fall into a spiral of problem debt from which it can be difficult to recover

13 Dec 2017
Teenage girl standing alone in highstreet - poverty shoot

Supporters share personal experiences of being in debt

We asked our supporters to share their personal experiences of problem debt and how a breathing space could have helped them

10 Mar 2017
Breathing space campaign poster

Listen to real stories of debt

A powerful account of growing up in debt based on real children and families’ experiences, and the difference a breathing space could make

2 Mar 2017
boy looking sadly out of window

Shining a light on the realities of debt

Our guest blogger this week shares her troubling experience with debt and looks at how a breathing space could have alleviated the devastating impact it had on her life

20 Feb 2017
Breathing space campaign igloo

Day of Action

Our Campaigns team visit Brighton to build support for the Debt Trap campaign and our calls for a breathing space

19 Jan 2017