Lucy Dacey, National Programme Manager - Disrupting Exploitation

Lucy Dacey
I am the national manager for The Children's Society's Disrupting Exploitation Programme. The Programme works to disrupt exploitation through 1-1 work with young people and by changing the systems and contexts that put children at risk of exploitation.
Our conference stand

Taking a stand at Conference

Now the political dust has settled after party conferences we take a look back at The Children’s Society’s presence this year

7 Oct 2016
A group of young people sitting on steps

The year ahead in Parliament

The annual Queen's Speech is on Wednesday 18 May and will present the Government's plan for the year ahead.

12 May 2016
A family walking

The needs of destitute migrant children going unmet

Our new report exposes the destitution, exploitation and risks faced by children and their families who do not have access to mainstream benefits.

28 Apr 2016
Teenage girl standing alone in highstreet - CSE

Mapped: The extent of sexual crimes against children in England and Wales, 2015

New data reveals the extent of sexual crimes committed against children in the past year

22 Apr 2016
Two teenage boys speak to each other

Immigration Bill threatens support for care leavers

Tomorrow members of the House of Lords have an opportunity to make sure other care leavers are protected and able to achieve their potential.

2 Feb 2016
a teenage girl and boy in profile

Summer budget: Condemning low-income working families to poverty?

Today, the Government will announce £12bn in cuts from the welfare budget. A cut to child tax credits, a vital form of support that helps families in the transition to work and lifts them out of poverty, is among the possible cuts.

8 Jul 2015