Lucy Dacey, National Programme Manager - Disrupting Exploitation

Lucy Dacey
I am the national manager for The Children's Society's Disrupting Exploitation Programme. The Programme works to disrupt exploitation through 1-1 work with young people and by changing the systems and contexts that put children at risk of exploitation.
Teenage male with hood up walking by bins in alleyway

Children are not the problem: different forms of child exploitation

Can you tell the difference between a criminal and a victim? Sounds simple enough, right?

17 Mar 2020
Policy team member with Dianne Abbot at Party Conference

Breaking the cycle of disadvantage at party conferences

With our policy team finally recovered from another season of party conferences and MPs now returned to Parliament, we take a closer look at how our influencing work is helping to break the cycle of disadvantage for young people

19 Oct 2017
Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh at Queen's Speech

What’s all this about a goat?

A date for the Queen’s Speech has now been set, but what does this mean for us?

20 Jun 2017
Teenage girl looking up to sky

Packed full of facts for the general election

With the general election fast looming, our new local packs will equip candidates with the information they need to put children and young people at the heart of their campaign

22 May 2017
Breathing Space Parliament

Time to exhale?

Political momentum is building around the need for a statutory breathing space to support children and their families in debt

3 Mar 2017

Give children and families in debt space to breathe

2.4 million children are in families who have fallen behind on their debts and need the protection of a legally binding breathing space scheme to protect them from bailiff visits, enforcement action and rising fees and charges

17 Nov 2016