Kate Bottley

Priest, mum, wife, 'Gogglebox vicar'.
Reverend Kate Bottley with her homemade Christingle cake

Baking a Christingle cake for The Children's Society

Kate Bottley was live on our Facebook page this weekend baking her first Christingle cake. Find out why she's involved with The Children's Society and just how good the cake tasted

28 Nov 2017
two women laughing in a coffee shop

What was Boaz before he met Ruth?

Grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy these one-liners from the witty Kate Bottley.

4 Dec 2016

Open the doors to your Christingle and spread hope in your community

One of the things I love most about Christingle is the opportunity that it gives us to reach out to people we probably wouldn’t normally see in church.

14 Nov 2016
Kate Bottley at Westminster Abbey

Advent: Jesus wants me for a lightbulb

But as 500 young people encircled the inside of Westminster Abbey, Christingle’s lit. I realised…

23 Dec 2015
Kate Botley and her husband take part in Gogglebox

Advent: Let the grumblies grumble!

Kate says she would risk everything for the gospel. Risk looking stupid, risk looking like an idiot and look to have a giggle in the process. She’d even risk grumblies grumbling at her because one day she’ll have to stand and answer to the one that really matters.

6 Dec 2015