Kadra Abdinasir, Policy Officer

Kadra Abdinasir
Kadra works in our policy team on issues relating to young people's mental health and youth at risk.
Teenage boy sitting on curb with head in hand

Why we’re worried about young people missing mental health appointments

Our new report found that many mental health services aren’t checking why a young person didn’t attend mental health appointment. We take a look at how services need to change to support these children and young people.

27 Sep 2017
The safer internet day logo

Internet Safety Day: Make the internet safer for young people

We’re joining hundreds of organisations to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

7 Feb 2017
three teens talking

Sex education in a digital world

A new bill is being debated in Parliament that with help protect children from the early exposure to online sexualised materials.

11 Oct 2016
A teenage girl sits with her counsellor

Securing therapeutic support for victims of sexual abuse

The damaging consequences of child sexual abuse is becoming increasingly apparent, affecting children’s mental health and placing them at greater risk of going missing, misusing substances or offending.

11 Sep 2016
Two teenage girls speak to each other under some trees

Bullying – let’s talk about it

Our research shows that bullying has a detrimental impact on children and young people; children who are bullied have lower levels of well-being, are more likely to live in poverty and may be at risk of being abused.

5 Jul 2016
a teenage girl in profile

Young people enduring long waiting times for urgent mental health care

The Prime Minister's announcement today is welcome but for the young people we work with, changes may be a long time away

11 Jan 2016