Jim Davis MBE, Head of Youth Engagement

Jim Davis
Jim has worked for us since 1981 when he was employed as a community worker in the Southdown Project. The project was set up on the estate where he lived in the City of Bath by Professor Bob Holman to address poverty and the risks of children going into care. The project worked with local people to develop and run an intensive programme of clubs and activities that were an entry point for families to access support and for referred families to be involved without stigma. Since then Jim has developed and managed a variety of programmes with us including work with New Age Traveller families, children in care, young carers, and in promoting children’s participation. He has worked with children in poverty in rural communities and was chair of The Rural Coalition of Children and Young People. Jim was has also been chair of the YES Forum, a European network of organisations that tackle youth poverty and social exclusion. Jim was a panel member of The Good Childhood Inquiry which in 2009 published its findings into what is needed for a good childhood. As Head of Youth Engagement, Jim leads on children and young people’s voice within the charity and on enabling local agencies to have an improved insight into the needs of young people. This includes the delivery of local well-being assessments where children and young people are surveyed on their own sense of well-being and are consulted on the key themes and issues that emerge from the survey. Having facilitated the Children’s Commission on Poverty from 2012-2015 where a panel of young people considered the impact of poverty on children’s lives Jim now leads on the delivery of a poverty proofing process for schools. In partnership with the University of Bath, we are running a qualitative longitudinal study into child poverty. Jim is one of the researchers interviewing the same 60 children over a three year period to assess their shifting experiences of poverty. Jim still lives in the area of Bath where he was born and grew up. He is married, has four daughters and two grand daughters.
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