Caroline Horst, Development worker, Stars National Initiative

Development worker, Stars National Initiative.
Girl on sofa looking sadly at sleeping mum

Alcoholism and family members

This Alcohol Awareness Week we look at what a family secret can do to children and young people

16 Nov 2017
Teenage boy in class leaning over desk

Supporting young carers in schools

We take a look at how award schemes can dramatically improve the well-being, confidence and achievement of pupils – particularly those who are young carers

9 Aug 2017
Hand writing on a pad of paper

The power of the story

Expressing what has happened in their lives can help children and young people begin to cope

2 Aug 2017
teenage girl on sofa looking at mum passed out

New year, old problems

Traditionally a time for new beginnings, the new year doesn't always bring a change for children living in families where alcohol is part of daily life

6 Jan 2017