Ben Palmer, Church Communications Officer

Portrait of Ben Palmer
Ben was the Church Communications Officer at The Children’s Society until early 2017, and has been involved with the charity ever since his Grandma first gave him a collection box, many years ago!
Choir boys singing

Advent: Carols from Broughton

Today we welcome the wonderful choir of Broughton Parish to our Advent calendar. Well worth a listen!

24 Dec 2015
Ben Palmer making mince pies

Advent: The Naked Chef

Back when Jamie Oliver was referred to as the ‘Naked Chef’, Ben was eight and shared that nickname from his approach to mince pie making. 17 years on, not too much has changed.

17 Dec 2015

Advent: Parliament is taking notice

We’ve rescheduled our Advent calendar because this was too good an opportunity to miss.

14 Dec 2015
Mary and Joseph at the temple where they find Jesus after they thought they had lost him

Advent: Did Jesus have good parents?

Well did he? Bit of an awkward question isn’t it?

11 Dec 2015