If you are leaving care, our advocacy service is here to support you along the way

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Leaving care means going through a time of change - the following items should help you feel more ready.

Leaving care Act

The Leaving Care Act outlines the support you are able to get when leaving care, including education, housing and financial help.

Remember - you can read the whole act, but what it is important for you to know is that we will support you throughout to ensure that you get the right support that you need. You can also read this Leaving Care Act guidance.

My Pathway Plan

The Pathway Plan should be written together with you around your 16th birthday (or later if that’s when you come into care). It explains the support the local authority have agreed with you and should be reviewed with you at least every six months to ensure you’re getting the help you need.


After you turn 17 years old, Tower Hamlets will appoint a personal adviser to advise and support you and keep in touch to see how you’re doing. They will review your Pathway Plan with you until you are 21.

Further information can be found on the Tower Hamlet's website.

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Do you need help with any of these issues?

If you would like to speak to an advocate about any of the following issues, or about something that is concerning you, please contact us.


  • I am in rent arrears. I need help
  • I don’t like the accommodation I have been offered
  • I am having problems with other people in my accommodation
  • I don’t want to share with other people


  • I want my bidding number
  • I want to live outside of Tower Hamlets
  • I am nearly 21 and I haven’t got my bidding number
  • I’ve got nowhere to live


  • I can’t get hold of my PA. No one is calling me back
  • I don’t have a PA
  • I want to change my PA

My immigration status

  • I am worried about my immigration status
  • I want to know what my next steps are in relation to immigration status
  • What should my PA be doing in relation to my immigration status

What happens when I turn 18?

  • I am worried about turning 18. What help will I get?

What happens when I turn 21?

  • I am over 21 and I need help again from the Leaving Care Service
  • Leaving Care are going to close my case at 21


  • My benefits have been stopped and I have no money
  • I haven’t had a clothing allowance
  • I need to trace my savings from my time in care

Pathway Plan

  • I don’t know what my Pathway Plan says
  • I don’t know what help I should be getting from Leaving Care Service

Education/ training

  • I need help to get on an apprenticeship


  • I want to see my social work files
  • I want help to pay for a passport
  • I want to get my birth certificate