The Debt Trap: End the damage to children

Children shouldn’t have to pay the price of debt with their mental health
Give families in debt space to breathe

Breathing Space

Problem debt leaves families and young people feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. Children living in families struggling with debt are five times more likely to be unhappy than children in families who don’t have difficulty with debt.

In addition, many of the young people that we work with, like care leavers and young carers, are particularly susceptible to feeling the damage of debt because they have to manage household finances.

Aaron's animation

Aaron struggled with debt as an 18 year old and has made a short animation about his experiences and his advice for others in a similar situation.

Watch the video and find advice for other young people in a similar situation.

Care leavers and council tax

Many care leavers are feeling frightened after coming face to face with bailiffs in their own homes.

These bailiffs are sent by their local council to demand sudden, unrealistic council tax payments.

Join our campaign to make care leavers exempt from paying council tax.

What is our Debt Trap campaign?

Many families try desperately to build normal lives for their children. But too often unmanageable debt wrecks their efforts. It takes just one simple setback for families to fall into the Debt Trap.

Find out more about our campaign to stop debt's harmful effects on children.

Payday loan advertising

It isn't right that payday loan companies are making excessive profits on the back of exploiting children and their families, plunging them further into the debt trap. 

We campaigned for payday loan adverts to be banned during children's TV shows. 

Show Some Warmth: Energy debt and families

We've seen progress but energy companies still need to do more to eradicate the use of damaging debt practices to help prevent cold family homes and harm to children's health.