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We make sure children’s voices are heard. Together we campaign for changes to laws and policies, tackling unfairness and protecting vulnerable children from harm. 

Because no child should feel alone.

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2018 and beyond...

The change we're making now

A fairer start for care leavers

The problem: Young people leaving care are particularly vulnerable to getting into council tax debt.

The change: Over half of councils have made care leavers exempt from council tax, making a huge difference to thousands of young people.

Showing solidarity with refugees and migrants

The problem: In 2012, the Government stopped separated and unaccompanied young people from being able to access to Legal Aid to support them with immigration and citizenship issues.  This left these vulnerable young people in an impossible situation where they were unable to access the advice and legal support they desperately needed.

The change: After our five-year long legal challenge, supported by other civil society organisations, the Government has agreed to reinstate legal aid for separated and unaccompanied children in their non-asylum immigration cases. This monumental change will go a long way to protecting some of the most marginalised and vulnerable young people in our communities.

Seriously Awkward

The problem: There are 58,000 vulnerable teenagers aged 16-17 who struggle to get the support they need on complex issues like domestic violence, mental health problems, and poverty.  What’s more, this support can disappear overnight at 18.

The change: As a result of our campaign, the Government is updating its guidance. Councils, police and healthcare workers must now plan for what happens to vulnerable young people when they turn 18. However, there’s still more to be done to ensure that vulnerable 16—17 year olds get the support they need as they move into adulthood.

‘Thank you, I couldn’t be more grateful for having this support.’ - Young person

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Last year our supporters took over 50,000 campaign actions.

We helped bring about three million positive changes to children’s lives through our campaigning and policy work.

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