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Our services are highly scalable, spanning prevention, targeted and intensive support for the most vulnerable children and their families.

We fight for change, helping children with severe and multiple disadvantage to have better lives

For over 135 years, we have been changing vulnerable children’s lives for the better.

Because we always listen to children, we understand the unique challenges that they face in today’s society and our frontline services and campaigning work have a proven positive impact on their lives.

We work directly with vulnerable children and young people, many of whom have nowhere else to turn. 

We work with our partners

We work with a range of partners across central and local government, schools, health providers, faith groups and local community groups to bring change for children.

More than 40 local authorities have chosen us to help deliver their services, and we’re eager to work with more authorities and partners to bring the positive change that young people in this country so desperately need.

We want to transform the lives of more children by lobbying Government and local authorities to change policy and practice to protect them, and we challenge the negative attitudes that perpetuate harm and injustice.

By commissioning us you will be enabling us to bring our expertise, evidence-based services and models to provide innovative solutions to the needs of young people in your area.

We’ll bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to work with you to meet the needs of local communities and the most vulnerable young people.

But there is still much work to do:

  • over 4 million children in the UK are currently living in poverty
  • every five minutes a child runs away from home
  • there are 16,500 young people who are currently at high risk of child sexual exploitation
  • One young person in ten has mental health issues

 We want to be there for the millions of children and young people in this country who have nowhere else to turn to for help.

Visit our services or get in touch with our business development team today.

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Our services

Last year, working together with over 12,500 volunteers, we were able to help over 13,000 children and young people

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Service without thresholds

We are collaborating with Xenzone to provide a blended digital and face-to-face solution to transform mental health services for vulnerable children and young people aged up to 25

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Seen and Heard

Our latest commission is a training package for the Department of Health. The training will reach more than 650,000 healthcare professionals, to make sure they know the signs of child sexual abuse and have the confidence to step in and stop it.

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CSE Prevention: Work With Us

We have worked with local authorities for over 20 years to fight child sexual exploitation

Our Services

Our Services

Our services support vulnerable children and young people

Commission us

We run crucial local services that help this country’s most vulnerable children and young people

Find out more about the services we offer and the work we do - email us or call us on 020 7841 4400 and ask for the Business Development team

Seen and Heard

Seen and Heard

Our commission from the Department of Health