Children and young people have told us that when a parent drinks and takes drugs it can make things difficult at home and cause problems and worries

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If you have a parent who drinks or takes drugs, know that:

  • It's not your fault
  • You can't stop your parent's behaviour
  • There are people who understand and can help
  • If you're worried or need to talk to someone now, call ChildLine on 0800 1111 or visit their website. 

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Support for you

We have developed some activities to help you think and talk about what is happening at home 

You can read also read quotes and stories and watch films of children and young people in a similar situation to you. 

Useful websites

Here are some other websites that can provide support and guidance and information: 

  • Alateen - for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics
  • Childline - get help and advice about a wide range of issues, call on 0800 1111, talk to a counsellor online, send Childline an email or post on the message boards.
  • National Association for the Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa) - providing information, advice and support for everyone affected by a parent's drinking. Call the helpline on 0800 358 3456.