We provide information, guidance and protocols, key government documents, alongside bespoke resources

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Here you can find some key government documents as well as practice guidance and protocols. The government documents represent what we believe to be the key publications relating to the field of parental substance misuse.

More government publications are available on the Gov.uk website. Our selection of practice guidance and protocols are available to support inter-agency work as laid out in the Working Together resource. These documents reflect local safeguarding procedures and local practice.

Please also refer to local authority websites for information about their local safeguarding boards.

Research and reports

This section of the website is home to a number of significant research projects and reports that have come out of the parental substance misuse field over the last few years.

They investigate the needs of children and families affected by parental substance misuse, establish statistics around prevalence and outline recommendations on actions that are needed to support these children and families.

A driving force behind these pieces of work is to draw attention to the voices and experiences of the children who lie at the heart of these projects.