Worksheets and activities to support work with parents and families

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Worksheets and activities

Emotional wellbeing information sheets

The young people we work with have told us that living someone who drinks or uses drugs can cause a number of difficult feelings. They might be worried, afraid, scared or confused. Our information sheets can help young people find out more about those feelings and ways in which they might be able to deal with them. There are some tips to try and lots of online links to other places to find support.

Hidden Harm worksheets

A series of Hidden Harm worksheets for use with younger children, collected by members of the Pan London Parental Substance Misuse Forum (2016), are available to download below.

Feelings worksheets 

We have produced a set of ten free worksheets aimed at helping practitioners talk through a variety of issues with children and young people (2015). We hope the sheets will enable workers to open up conversations around subjects including family life, understanding drugs and alcohol, where to go for help, coping with different feelings and well-being.

Parents, pints and pills workbook

Young carers in Gloucestershire have developed a booklet for young people who live with someone with a drug or alcohol problem. Parents, pints and pills includes information about different substances, stories from young carers and tips to help young people look after themselves. Copies can be ordered from Gloucestershire Young Carers.

Colouring book

An imaginative colouring book has been designed by young carers from The Children's Society Dare to Care service to help other young people affected by parental mental health, domestic abuse and parental imprisonment. Dare to Care works with young people aged between 8 and 19 who have had to take on physical and emotional responsibilities which can be difficult to manage as a child. 

Therapeutic work resources

Detailed list of resources for therapeutic work with children affected by parental substance misuse. The list was originally compiled by our project workers in 2009 and updated in February 2015.
Activity book - When Tough Stuff Happens

When Tough Stuff Happens is an activity book designed to be personalised by 7-12 year olds who are facing tough times in their lives. It helps children to find words and ways to express and process what's happening to them. It's easy to dip into and provides lots of activities to choose from. Can be used by children impacted by any life change, from simple losses to serious trauma. Produced in 2001.

Activity book - Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics

Kids' Power: Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics offers special games and activities designed specifically for children from alcoholic and drug-addicted families and other high stress family environments. These healing games cover themes such as expressing feelings, problem-solving and self-esteem. They can help children to better understand the dynamics of their home lives and give them tools for recovery. From 1989.

Support group activities for teenagers

101 support group activities for teenagers affected by someone else's alcohol/drug use by Martin Fleming (1998) was recommended by Dave Willis from the Somerset Young Carers Project:

'The book was first published mid-nineties and Martin is an American author, so the language relates to American terms. However the activities are adaptable for all ages and we used a lot of them for both our support groups (age 8-11 and 11-14).

'I would recommend this as a resource for practitioners working with children affected by parental substance misuse.' - Dave Willis

The book is out of print but some pages are available to view via Google books.

Book - The Children's Place: At the Heart of Recovery

Through these heart-breaking and thought-provoking artworks, letters, and poems, members of The Children's Place illustrate how their young lives have been adversely affected by a family member's addiction (1998).